func logAction(sl string) { if strings.HasPrefix(sl, "log on") { *logDump = "on" log.SetOutput(multi_writer) } else if strings.HasPrefix(sl, "log off") { *logDump. The Goblin Warrior is an enemy that spawns during the Goblin Army event. It follows the Fighter AI and is the most commonly encountered enemy in the event. Approximately one out of every two goblins will be a Warrior (47.4% chance to spawn). Like the Goblin Thief, Goblin Warriors are able to open Doors. They take much longer to do so than a <b>Goblin</b> Thief however. Write custom Hook that will check if entry has severity field set and if not insert default value. Attach that hook to either default global or your own logger. You can limit hook to fire only on entries on logrus.ErrorLevel by including only that level in return value of Hook.Levels (): type ErrorHook struct { } func (h *ErrorHook) Levels. May 08, 2019 · nested-logrus-formatter.

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